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Jean-Sébastien Roy: Concertmaster (Part II)

Welcome to the second half of my interview with CSO Concertmaster, Jean-Sébastien Roy. Today I thought we’d start with a bit of Symphony 101: what’s a concertmaster? According to Merriam-Webster, con·cert·mas·ter    noun \ˈkän(t)-sərt-ˌmas-tər\ : a musician who is the leading violin player and the assistant conductor of an orchestra To gain a better appreciation of this … Continue reading

Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Columbus Announces New Concertmaster

After a year and a half of searching, Canadian violinist Jean-Sebastien Roy, has been named the new Concertmaster to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. This exciting announcement was made earlier today and ended speculation as to who was finally going to permanently take over the leadership role of Concertmaster. From today’s CSO press release: “Jean-Sébastien Roy … Continue reading