Паспорт България – Панчо Хараланов Владигеров
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Паспорт България – Панчо Хараланов Владигеров

Добре дошли в България! Welcome to Bulgaria! Bulgaria is a beautiful, Balkan country full of rich tradition, resilience, pride in its history and some of the most warm and hospitable people you could ever hope to meet. Aside from Chalga (do your own google search), it has some beautiful music ranging from the traditional sounds of Le … Continue reading

Classical Music

Passport Northern Ireland – Ian Wilson

Welcome to Northern Ireland, the beautiful land of warm, Ulster hospitality and a tasty cider in all the local pubs. Aside from the beautiful scenery and the friendly people you meet all over, there’s also a wonderful, contemporary composer named Ian Wilson. Ian Wilson (b. 1964) Hometown: Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK Known for: Chamber music and avant-garde … Continue reading