Humor in Music

Giocoso means fun, playful, hence my blog Giocosity.  (OK, so it’s not really a word – I made it up, but work with me here!)  It’s meant to be fun!  And well – since I’m prone to sarcasm and good humor (not always in that order) I like to publish things that make me laugh.

Here are some posts where I’ve collected some funny jokes, pictures, puns, what have you. Sure, some of these are only going to be understood by musicians, but they can be a quirky bunch.  I say we cut them some slack since they put on some great music for the rest of us!

Oh – and here’s a good collection of musical jokes I found on Buzzfeed.  Yes.  You’ll laugh!

05 NOV 2014 – Top 10 Reasons to Support the Columbus Symphony Orchestra – what do you play while you’re cooking?

06 MAR 2014 – Music Groups on Facebook Their posts are great!

24 JAN 2014 – Top 10 Opera Lyrics David Letterman and Renée Fleming. Can’t go wrong!

23 DEC 2013 – Composer or Pasta? This game is harder than you think!

12 DEC 2013 – Trombone Ad Notice anything unusual? Unintended humor, to be sure. THIS is but one example of why music education is so important!

25 NOV 2013 – Break Glass With Your Voice?  So what does it take to break a glass with just your voice?

28 OCT 2013 – Feeling Punny! Yeah.  That’s probably not a word, either!

23 OCT 2013 – A Few Good Insults

16 SEP 2013 – A Composer’s Influence

16 AUG 2013 – Gopher Tuna

02 AUG 2013 – More Jokes

19 JUL 2013 – Humor in Music Some jokes!

17 JUL 2013 – Giocoso Come on!  It’s Monty Python!

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