Not Where You’d Expect It!

Classical music – and music in general – is not confined to the great music halls. It’s not confined to the opera houses and it’s certainly not only loved by older, well-to-do, stuffy people.  Oh no – it’s all over the place because it speaks to so many different people in so many different ways.

Take a look at some of the places I’ve found classical music. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

01 Oct 2014 – Don’t Like Classical Music? Good.  – Traditional orchestra instruments with some interesting takes on other genres.

18 DEC 2013 – Bugs, Sports, Napalm, Schroeder and a Few Pigs – Some more music you don’t know you already know!

16 DEC 2013 – Trust Me, You’ve Heard These! – Five pieces of classical music you didn’t know you already know!

13 NOV 2013 – Science and Music Geeks Unite! – Edvard Grieg played on Tesla coils! COOL!

18 OCT 2013 – Minstrels of the Ohio Ren Fest – Check out what one of the violinists of the Dayton Phiharmonic plays on weekends.

11 SEP 2013 – Landfill Harmonic – if you read no other post, read this one because these kids are amazing.  They’ll inspire you, I promise!  Once you get about 50 or so seconds into the video, you’ll be hooked!

30 AUG 2013 – Chess or Khachaturian?

23 AUG 2013 – Music in the Args: Daric Gill – Repurposed Instruments

19 AUG 2013 – Billy Joel: Sonata Pathéthique

25 JUL 2013 – Pachelbel Sunday – Check out the Chipmunks and Yngwie Malmsteen!

24 JUL 2013 – Not Your Average Concert-Goer – Definitely breaks the stereotype!

16 JUL 2013 – Music in the Arts: Daric Gill’s ToeHeads

09 JUL 2013 – Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

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