CSO: How-to donate online

You no longer need a how-to page. It’s been SIMPLIFIED in a big way.

05 NOV 2014 – Top 10 Reasons to Support the Columbus Symphony Orchestra – it’s so much easier now!


As of February 2014 – it’s pretty much the same – maybe has 1-2 fewer steps, tops.

This page highlights the step-by-step process (as of July 3, 2013) of the donation process for the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.  As I learn of process changes or improvements, I will happily update this page, but this is the most stream-lined version I could work out.


* There are 19 steps / screen required to make a donation including 3 to set up an account.

* There are 3 additional screens if a donor doesn’t complete the donation in a 10-minute window once the checkout process is started.

* The donor is required to start over after two possibilities: 1 – donor is timed out, 2 – donor wishes to change the amount of donation.


Step 1: Visit Columbus Symphony Orchestra Website and click the orange Donate button.

1 - CSO Website

Step 2: Within the Support page, click “Online Donations” link in #4 of Individual Giving.

2 - Support page

Step 3: Create a new account by typing in your Email address.  Click the “Continue” button.  (If you already have an account ID/Email address and password, skip to Step 6 to begin the donation process.)

3 - Sign in screen - Account creation

Step 4: Fill in your name, zip and create a password. 

4 - account set up page

Step 5: Click “Home” in the upper right hand corner to begin the donation process.

5 - account set up confirmation

Step 6: Click “Donate Now” in the lower left hand corner.

DON 1 - home page

NOTE: Please note that this “Your request is being processed” message will appear after almost all of the following screens until the donor reaches the shopping cart.  Clicking several things and then hitting enter is not an option.  It’s one click at a time and this will appear in between each item the donor chooses.

request is being processed

Step 7: Under donor information “Who’s the donation for?”  Choose “Myself.”

don 2 - for me

Step 8: Once “Myself” is chosen,  Type in “Patron listing name” or click to remain anonymous.

don 4 I chose me

Step 9: Donation defaults to CAPA.  Scroll down to choose a different organization to support, if desired.

don 5 anonymous

Step 10: Click on Columbus Symphony Donation to pull it into the screen.

don 3 choose CSO

Step 11: Click “Columbus Symphony Annual Fund Donation” to pull in donation amount box.

1a After choosing CSO

Step 11 continued – Donation amount box appears.

1b Click CSO again for donate amount box

Step 12: Fill in desired donation amount and click “apply.”

1c Type in amount

Step 13: After amount appears in “Total Donation” box to the left, Click “Add to cart” at the bottom to be taken to the shopping cart.

time to add to cart

Step 14: Review / confirm the donation amount.  If correct, click “Checkout” on the left side.

shopping cart summary

Step 14 A: Donor may change amount or organization by clicking “Change donation.”  Once clicked, donor is sent back to the “Donate Now” screen shown in Step 6.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 6.20.45 AM

Step 15: 10-minute timer has started.  Transaction must be completed within that period of time or donor will be required to restart the donation process.

Choose payment method. 

select payment method

Step 16: Fill in credit card information. Click box at bottom of the screen ONLY if you want Ticketmaster to save your credit card information for future purchases.

CC info

Step 17:  Timer is still running… Confirm purchase / donation amount.  Click box if you agree to terms.  Click “Submit order” button at the bottom right of page.  (Screen shots here shown in two parts so as not to reveal my personal address as I made a small $5 donation to complete this process and gather all these screen shots.)

Confirmation page 1Confirmation page 2

Step 18: Confirmation Page.  If desired, click “Print this page for your records” for a printer-friendly version of this confirmation. Page is truncated to hide my address.  At the bottom right of the page however, is an “Account Home” button.  Click “Account Home” in lower right hand corner (not shown below) to return to an updated version of the “Donate Now” screen shown in Step 6.


Step 19: Lather, rinse, repeat.  Feel free to start again at Step 6 to make another donation.  Home page is now updated to reflect the donation just made.  It also shows what’s needed to “upgrade” to the next level, but fails to include a quick link to automatically donate that amount.

New home screen


Time Out Screen 1: If transaction is not completed within the allotted 10 minute time-frame, the donor is timed out.  This screen will appear advising the donor that a ticket cannot be purchased because Ticketmaster wants to make sure tickets are available to as many people as possible.    Click “Start Over” button.

Personal side note: I think the donation option via Ticketmaster was an afterthought that was not at all thought through, so the donation process is based on a cut-throat effort to sell tickets which is why a potential donor is kicked out of the system if the donation isn’t completed inside a 10-minute window of time.  It’s probably also why a donation attempt is canceled so that more people have access to tickets.  The two are not related, yet the one is forced to conform to the requirements of the other.  There is much room for improvement here.

Timer has expired

Time Out Screen 2: Donor is advised there are no items for sale at this time and to check back later.  Donor must then click “Home” button.  

No soup for you!

Time Out Screen 3 / Step 6: DC Al Coda.  Once “home” button is clicked, the donor is returned to the home screen shown above in Step 6.

DON 1 - home page

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