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Classical 101 – Keep the Music Alive

Today is Match Day at Classical 101, my local classical music radio station here in central Ohio. Basically – it’s a 1-day fundraiser where all donations are going to be matched by donors who wanted to give a little something extra. (Or – a lot extra, really!)

Classical 101 is a wonderful classical music station with super friendly and ridiculously knowledgeable people. I had the pleasure of visiting them last month so I could interview Boyce Lancaster, the morning DJ. (Yes – I said DJ). I totally pictured WKRP and fortunately I wasn’t off by much since Boyce is a little bit like Johnny Fever…but with classical music.  I’m sure he won’t mind my saying that, right?

Classical 101 plays music not only in central Ohio, but all over Ohio. It broadcasts out of the OSU campus, but is heard on affiliate stations throughout the state.

  • If you live in Columbus, tune into 101.1 FM (Grove City/Columbus).
  • If you live in the northern part of the Columbus area or in Marion, tune into 91.1 FM.
  • If you live into Coshocton, tune into 91.1 FM,
  • If you live in Portsmouth, tune into 91.5 FM.
  • If you live in Mansfield, tune into 91.7 FM.
Classical 101

Here I am with a few of the on-air personalities at Classical 101 (Jennifer Hambrick was on air at the time) L-R: Boyce Lancaster, Christopher Purdy, John Rittmeyer, Me.

Taken from Christopher Purdy’s Facebook page today:


Call that toll free number. Today is MATCH DAY on Classical 101. One day only. Every dollar that comes in supporting classical music on air 24/7 is matched…dollar for dollar. Today only. I’ll be on yelling about this most of the day. or 1-866-485-1011

Here’s a link to the Classical 101 website. Feel free to help out – every little bit helps and we need to keep the music alive!

Classical 101

I made a donation this morning so please help by doing the same or by sharing this link. Thank you!

For many people, this is their only access to classical music, so let’s keep it playing!

Besides – Mozart rocks! (And Stravinsky a bit, too) and Bach and Beethoven and oh yeah – Brahms has some lovely symphonies and Jennifer Higdon has a super fun violin concerto and Rachmaninoff – love Sergei…

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