Humor in Music

Up to the Challenge, Columbus?

A friend posted this on my Facebook page and it’s really quite funny. I feel a challenge coming on for the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. So, what do you think, Columbus? Care to try this?

Watch to the end. Those poor bassoonists!

Taken from the page linked to my timeline:

The performance was, in a word, hot.

How do you get your orchestra to perform a more rousing rendition of Tango Jalousie? Force them to eat some of the world’s hottest chili peppers before placing lips to bassoon and bow to cello. In what appears to be either a playful marketing gag or the most sadistic tactics ever used by a conductor, the Danish National Chamber Orchestra attempted to hold it together while performing under the influence of chili peppers.

Led by conductor Claus “Chili” Pilgaard and concertmaster Erik Heide, the orchestra began the piece on empty stomachs and then, partway through, popped the peppers as if on cue. The next several minutes have them grimacing, crying, and steadily reddening until the final note, at which point they place their expensive instruments carefully on the floor and flee the stage.

To the musicians’ credit, the execution sounded flawless, at least to an untrained ear. You might even say they were on fire.

I know we really shouldn’t laugh at the suffering of others, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I will admit that they all lasted far longer than I ever could have!

So what do you say, Columbus?

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