Classical Music

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Columbus Symphony Orchestra


Thanks to my friends Laura, Janelle, Rus and Ann for helping me come up with this list!

OK – here are 10 reasons you should support my favorite symphony, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. (drum roll please)

10. They’re really good.

9. We deserve fabulous arts organizations and music ensembles.

8. Economic prosperity. A good symphony will help draw in visitors and thus support other business such as hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc.

7. It helps elevate the level of awesome culture in our city.

6. It provides an alternative form of entertainment for those who may not be huge football fans (OK fine. For those who just couldn’t get tickets to the game.)

5. Did I mention they’re really good?

5B. It makes you smarter!

4. To keep the beautiful music of the composers alive for future generations.

3. What would you cook to if not for classical music?

(OK that was kind of gross. Maybe we’ll skip #3)

2. We work so hard to make music accessible – and everyone deserves a chance to experience classical music.

And the number one reason to support the Columbus Symphony Orchestra?


IT’S SO DARNED EASY NOW! (And they’re really good!)


YES – FINALLY! The Columbus Symphony Orchestra has removed Ticketmaster from the online donation process thus making it ridiculously easy to give them money – as it should be. They’re so worth supporting. Won’t you do so?

The old way had 15-20 steps at least, including user IDs and passwords and account set ups – oh man it was horrible. But that’s all gone now.

Now? It’s so much simpler. I just made a super quick donation (Watch for it horn section!)

Take a look!

  • Click the Donate button on the Columbus Symphony website
  • Click Online Donations
  • Fill in the amount you want to donate
  • Click Add to Cart and Pay Now
  • Fill in your name, address, credit card info
  • Click Process Payment.
  • Click OK and you’re finished!

Well done, CSO. Well done!

Oh yeah – if you want, you can donate “In honor” or “in memory” of anyone. I think we should each pick our favorite section of the orchestra and donate in its honor. I mean, really! When’s the last time the English horn was honored by a donor? The Harp? And what about the violas? Seriously, man. They are ALWAYS picked on. Take a few moments to send a few bucks their way. Every little bit helps. And besides… 

They’re really good.

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