Classical Music

Don’t Like Classical Music? Good.

I’ve found something you’re going to love!

Two new albums: Maya Beiser’s Uncovered and Break of Reality’s Ten.

The cello is a beautiful instrument. It has a soulful voice and can create some gorgeous, melodious sounds.

Uncovered and Ten are two new releases by solo cellist Maya Beiser and the cello quartet Break of Reality.

These musicians…make the cello cool.


Uncovered is an the latest creation of Israeli cellist, Maya Beiser, filled with some very unique takes on classic rock tunes originally released by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, AC/DC, Muddy Waters and Nirvana – among others. Don’t forget the remake of Gershwin’s Summertime, based on the version originally sung by Janis Joplin! The entire album is filled with layers upon layers of cello tracks – up to 20 at times – meaning Beiser, aside from added percussion, is also her own background band. Don’t think you’ll just sit in the dark just to watch the lights on your stereo for a mellow Pink Floyd tune. This is a dirty cello. No better way to describe it.

It’s gritty. Very gritty. Oh yeah.


Photo credit: ioulex

I read a write up of Beiser that commented that her sound came from playing the bow close to the bridge. Admittedly, I had to ask what that meant as I’m not a string player. The piece of wood that holds the tension of the strings on a cello is called a bridge. A player typically plays somewhere between that and the piece that includes the frets used by the opposite hand to determine the notes being played.

Playing closer to the bridge, or sul ponticello (pont = bridge), allows for more of a howling kind of sound – exactly what is needed for this genre of music, though I’m not exactly sure which genre would be used to describe this album. Rock? Kind of. Classical? Not really. A fusion of something? That would be closest, don’t you think?

Regardless of what it’s called, be prepared to get stuck on Kashmir. The track on the album is about 7 minutes and gets much grittier than this video which includes the really good stuff that starts about 1:40 into it. Check it out.

I played it for a friend at work today and had a big “I told you so” look when her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “this is actually cool! This is something I would listen to.” Not bad for someone who doesn’t like change! (Or classical music)


Break of Reality is a self-described cello rock band who recorded a great cover of the theme to the HBO series, Game of Thrones.

In their latest album, Ten, Break of Reality puts their creative talents front and center with a new collection of original rock tunes. Start with Helix. If you don’t make it past this one, there’s got to be something wrong with you! Try tapping your foot to the beat…if you can. Consider that a challenge! Beyond Helix is a whole slew of catchy, head-nodding tunes all with a great beat to them. Star almost comes across as an anthem of sorts, starting with a pulsating beat before moving on to the main theme. Nine Deep isn’t as rock-ish as some of the other tunes, it takes on more of a sweet and calming sound. Uprising is the opposite though which a heavier sound and a great beat. Other Worlds – love!

Classical Music?

So what do you think? Can’t stand classical music? No problem. You won’t find it here. What you will find though, is pretty damned cool!

Learn more about these fabulous musicians by visiting their websites. Maya BeiserBreak of Reality.

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