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Passport Monaco – Massimiliano Greco

Welcome to Monaco – a small principality located on the edge of Southern France, home of classy, high end casinos and Formula One racing. Oh – and Prince Albert, too. Had a crush on him back in high school. But hey – we’re here for music.

I had a tough time finding someone for Monaco. It’s not very big, so it’s not exactly huge source for composers, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Meet Massimiliano Greco.

Massimiliano Greco - Facebook

Massimiliano Greco – Photo courtesy of his Facebook page.

Massimiliano Greco (b. 1967)

Hometown: Born in Bari, Italy, but teaches in Monaco.

Plays: Piano

Known for:  Ballet music

He lives and works in Monaco and is best known for writing ballet music, something he started as a result of a car accident’s preventing him from touring with concert performances. He ended up liking it so much, he started composing music for the ballet. He now teaches other pianists to play for ballets so dancers can both practice and perform to live piano music.

Music and dance together can change the world and make it better.

 – Massimiliano Greco from the Inside Ballet interview, 2013.

Watch  this performance and  think about what it would be like with an overplayed cassette tape or a radio in the corner. Think about what it would be like without any flexibility in the music itself.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Can you imagine the same level of passion in that dance with just an iPod and a small set of speakers over live music played by the composer himself? No way. Art is collaborative. Dance is collaborative. With music comes dance and Mr. Greco is the music behind the dance of these aspiring dancers in Monaco.

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