Classical Music

Spring Fund Drive

It’s amazing what will draw your attention to a fund-raising mailer. I mean, we get them all the time. Most of the great music organizations we love are organizations that keep running thanks to the generosity of donors.

NPR, Classical 101, Columbus Symphony, Westerville Symphony, ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, Ballet Met, Opera Columbus, you name it, they all send out mailers.

A while back, I worked on a political campaign. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about organizing volunteers and such. What I also learned was the effectiveness of mailers in the political world. We were constantly told to canvas neighborhoods, i.e. go door to door and talk to people in person. We learned that voters will be swayed 1 in 12 attempts by an in-person visit. Phone calls will sway them 1 in 50 attempts.

MAILERS will sway voters 1 in *400* attempts.

Pretty crazy, right? Ever wonder why you get such an obnoxious amount of mail – especially in the couple of weeks leading up to an election? Well, my guess is that politicians (and special interest groups, etc) are just playing the odds.

I have no idea how many donations are gained by mailers of non-profit organizations such as those listed above, but I can guarantee you that if they’re like political ads I’m that 1 in 400 today!

Look what was in my mailbox from the Westerville Symphony today:

Westerville Symphony Mailer 1

Didn’t catch it? Check out this close up. Notice anything?

Westerville Symphony Mailer 2

They quoted me! How cool is that? OK for the record – this is my first time being quoted in anything, so if I really want, I can call myself published. OK – fine. maybe not published, but it’s quite a compliment, I think.

Yes – naturally, I’ve already made a donation this evening, hence the confirmation that I’m that 1 in 400!

Well I may be a goofball, but you have to admit it’s pretty cool.

Now if I can just talk Will Forte* into showing up at my races, such as the Westerville Symphony’s Beethoven 5K on the 12th. Free Symphony tickets are being given to all who finish the race before the end of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony – about 32 minutes – which will be playing throughout the length of the course. Needless to say, I won’t be getting any free tickets since my 5Ks are currently in the 42 minute range, but that’s OK. It’s good exercise, right?

*Um…I don’t actually know Will Forte, do you? If so, please pass along the above-linked invitation the next time you see him! Thanks! 🙂

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