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Registered – Race for the Cure 5K – May 17

Today I registered for the Race for the Cure 5K which will be run here in Columbus on Saturday, May 17. I was looking for a 5K in May and my friend at work, Ginger Clark – who lost her sister to breast cancer – was already planning to walk it. Breast cancer stinks, so why not join in and show some support?

The site asks all registrants to help raise money – like so many 5Ks.  So – I have a fundraising page. I’m not big on fundraising, so I set my goal at the suggested amount of $100.

I lost a cousin to breast cancer. A very good friend of mine from college fought a damn good fight for the longest time. Another friend of mine is going through chemo and is fighting the good fight right now.

Another knitting friend of mine, Dee, fought and actually won.

My friend, Sandra, who is fighting right now will join Dee in kicking its butt.  That’s the plan!

If you would like to donate to help me reach the goal I’ve set (or go well beyond it – that’s fine, too!) Please click here!

And they’re off

For the racing portion of this, I won’t be walking with my coworker, but I’ll meet her at the end. I plan to fast walk/jog. Hopefully, by mid-May, I’ll be able to jog more than I walk – especially since I plan to jog the whole 5K I’ll be in on June 7. So – wish me luck!


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