Humor in Music

Music Groups on Facebook

So many people use Facebook and for those of you who don’t, well…I applaud you all! But since most of us do, you should know that there are some fun music groups to be found there. Here are some I like. If you know of others like these, by all means, let me know via a comment below.

I won’t include links on my first two suggestions because they’ll be different for everyone.

Your local or regional Symphony Orchestra. Follow them. Like them. Share their posts, help spread the word that great music is being played.

Your local musicians. Friend them. Like them. Talk to them. These people work hard and are very talented. If I thought people would be interested in hearing about the world of exports, I’d create a page for me, too, but they’re probably not. So in the meantime, let’s stick to the talented musicians who work their butts off to entertain us at concerts!

OK – here are some fun groups you may wish to follow on Facebook.

Classical Musicians – This group shares info about music from all sources, but also a lot of great pictures that are fun to share.

CM Pic 1

The painter wasn’t cited, but maybe you know who it is? Click on it for the original FB link.

Classical Music Jokes – I never get sick of these! I just don’t.

CMJ Pic 1

Nope. Never gets old!

Band Geeks – Hey – I was in marching band through college. Don’t knock it!

So this one time, at band camp…

Just kidding. Not going there. (I really need to watch that movie someday though!)

BG pic 1

I don’t really mean to pick on trombones…

Classical Music Humor – Hee hee! You’ve just gotta love a combination of J.R.R. Tolkien and classical music, right? Right. (Right?)

CMH pic Boromir

I love Tolkien!

I’m sure there are plenty more out there, but these are among my favorites.  Enjoy!


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