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Let the Games Begin!

I started writing this during the opening ceremonies on Friday, February 7, but then got caught up in the excitement, so yes – I’m a bit late. Guess I won’t be a medal contender for blog writing, huh? 🙂

In the interest of international good will, thanks to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games starting today in Sochi, Russia, I thought I’d share a little bit of music to celebrate. I’ve chosen four pieces of great music from my home country of the USA, from my two adopted countries of France and Bulgaria (i.e. I lived in each of them) and also from the host nation of Russia.  Enjoy and GO TEAM USA!  🙂

USA – Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man. We’re talking about sports, people. This is important!

France – Maurice Ravel’s Bolero. Love this!

Bulgaria – Svatba by Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares – a women’s choral group out of Bulgaria. Listen. It’s beautiful.

Russia – Stravinsky – Because they played it during the opening ceremonies, I just HAD to include the Rite of Spring! – complete with dancers!

So this post is my multicultural moment for the week. Think about it. Fanfare for the Common man was written by an American, but performed above in the UK. Bolero was a piece of music commissioned by a Russian but written by a Frenchman about a Spanish dance. Plus, in the above video, it was performed in Denmark. Bulgaria’s all Bulgaria, but it’s a country that maintains close ties with Russia (Look up the Battle of Pleven and you’ll understand why) and Stravinsky is Russian, whose Rite of Spring was premiered in Paris, but is performed above by a ballet company out of Chicago.

The Olympics are meant to bring people together. This is just one way of doing that. Enjoy!

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