Columbus Symphony Orchestra

15 Or So

I just donated $5 to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. I already have an account set up, so it only took me about 15 or so steps from the front page of the website to confirming my donation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 5.05.32 PM

Simpler would be better.

Looking to simplify? Here’s some information on just how crazy simple it is to simplify an overly cumbersome online donation process. It’s definitely worth taking the infinitesimal amount of effort needed to look into this. I can set up a tip jar using PayPal inside of 15 minutes. Per Adaptistration, the CSO (and other arts organizations) could – within 48 hours – easily make their online donation process less than 2 minutes for the average donor. How many of those average donors might stop passing it by?

Those $5-10-20-50 donations sure would add up, don’t you think?!

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