Buskers: Buenos Aires, Argentina

According to my friends on Facebook, any street performer can be called a “busker.” Good to know because there’s a fun area in Buenos Aires that has street performers, but many don’t play music. Some dance (as indicated on the painting below) and some just stand there…making you wonder if you’re looking at a person or a statue.


Very cool! I saw some outside the Musée d’Orsay and in the Place du Tertre in Paris but didn’t get pictures of them for some reason. It’s fun to watch them for a while because every so often, you just have to wonder…”did that statue just blink? Or is it just me?” Imagine the muscle strength it requires to stand still for so long! Imagine that because not every one of these statues (I’ve seen Yodas, statues of liberty, gold and silver “statues”, etc.) has the benefit of a long, flowing gown to mask subtle leg movement.

Caminito performer

Wow! Definitely very cool!

P.S. For those of you who know the area of Caminito, we did end up at the Bombonera later on this same day to cheer on the Boca Juniors (Despite seeing that River Plate shirt in the picture!) And yes – they won. 5-1 against Gimnasia!


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