Humor in Music

Break Glass With Your Voice?

Ever wonder what it takes to break a glass with just your voice? Well for me, it’s pretty easy. I attempt to sing and people throw glasses…and rotten vegetables and you name it…to get me to stop.  Inevitably, some glass will break. See? Simple!

In real life, for actual singers (i.e. singers who can actually sing) it takes a bit of talent – and a legitimately good voice with the ability to really belt out some volume. Who can do that? Opera singers. Kristen Chenoweth. Julie Andrews. Me. (Just kidding.)

Karen Shrock wrote an article for Scientific American called Fact or Fiction?: An Opera Singer’s Piercing Voice Can Shatter Glass that basically said, “Yes. It can be done!”

Mythbusters got a real example on film, though not with an opera singer!  Take a look! Start with the preliminary tests and then watch this!


And here we are with a few fun examples of vocal talent’s being responsible for breaking glass – supposedly, anyway! (Breaking – Bad – Glass? Ahem.  Anyway…) They’re at least fun if not entirely real! HA!

** Don’t try this at home. **

Kristen Chenoweth and Josh Groban on Jay Leno

Julie Andrews in the movie Victor Victoria (If you haven’t yet seen this movie, watch it! It’s really very funny and you can’t go wrong with these actors!)

And then there’s the Fat Lady of Gryffindor House. (But I can’t embed it here, so you have to watch it on youtube.) Come on! Admit it. It’s cute! 🙂

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