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McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra

Last May, prior to creating Giocosity, I attended a concert at a venue up in Worthington at the Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center.  I’d never been there before, but I’d driven right by it a million times because it’s literally right next to Thomas Worthington High School (on Dublin-Granville Road, just east of 315) where I taught my SAT prep classes for two years.

Thanks to friending Karl Pedersen on Facebook, I saw that there was going to be a performance of a clarinet quintet featuring Mr. Antoine Clark on the clarinet as well as four strings – two violins, viola and cello.  This is not the kind of music we typically get to hear at the Symphony, so I went online and ordered a ticket.  (Tickets were only $8 online, and $10 at the door – can’t beat that!)

Taken from the program:

Muses have inspired many composers to write masterful works. This was in fact the case for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Carl Maria von Weber, who each wrote quintets for the leading clarinetist of their day. Respectively, Anton Stadler and Heinrich Baermann were muses for Mozart and Weber. From these two composers we received the pillars of the clarinet’s literature composed during the Classical and Romantic periods. Not only did Mozart and Weber write clarinet quintets for their muses but they also wrote concertos, symphonies, operas, and other chamber works that featured the clarinet. Through their music, Mozart and Weber featured the clarinet as a sensual and virtuosic solo voice.

Members of the Columbus Symphony, Robert Firdman, violin; Ariane Sletner, violin; Karl Pedersen, viola and Luis Biava, cello will join clarinetist, Antoine Clark in a performance of these two great chamber works. Also, featured on the program are works by Anton Stadler and Heinrich Baermann.

What a wonderful concert!  I never get to see small ensembles like this so this was a real treat for me. I’d heard the Mozart piece before but the others were all new to me and made up a fantastic collection of pieces to play.  Naturally, some of these works have since found their way into my music library, but I really hope Mr. Clark is able to put on more concerts with this group of musicians because I’d definitely love to hear more!

Clarinet Quintet

I snuck a picture of them right as they started playing.

This performance was right before I went up to Canada last Spring, so I never got around to writing about it until now.  Just before the concert started, Mr. Clark announced that there was going to be a chamber concert a week or two later.  That was the day I was driving back, so I was unable to go.

Since then, I’ve signed up for the Email list and fortunately, there’s going to be another chamber music concert with the new McConnell Arts Chamber Orchestra!  It’s under the direction of Antoine Clark again and will be performing a week from Sunday: November 10th at 3pm and looks really good!  Here’s what’s on the program.

Mozart,        Overture “Don Giovanni”

Haydn,         Symphony No. 104 in D

Beethoven,     Symphony No. 4 in Bb 

3pm on a Sunday afternoon at an easy-to-get-to place with plenty of parking.  You can check the football scores at intermission and if you’d like,  you can even wander around the free art gallery right across the hall from Bronwynn Theater before the concert starts.  Here’s a link to the concert for more information on the program and tickets ($20 online, $25 at the door)

The McConnell Arts Center has a lot going on.  When I was there last May, the art gallery was filled with some really good paintings and sculptures made by area high school students.  The arts center itself offers art classes, art exhibitions, other concerts providing a rather eclectic mix of music, movies, special events, etc.  It’s really quite cool and is right off 315 on 161.

We’re lucky, Columbus.  I hope you’ll check it out!

3 thoughts on “McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra

  1. Thank you for your wonderful comments! I am so happy to see that there are people like you who appreciate music on this level.


    Antoine T. Clark
    Music Director/McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra

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