Classical Music

Humor in Music: Feeling Punny

I’m sure you’ve heard of most of these before, but I’m feeling rather pun-ny this morning.


– Chopin Liszt

– Can you Handel it? / Too hot to Handel

– Think outside the Bachs

– If it ain’t Baroque…

– Where are you Haydn?

– Music isn’t for kids – there’s a lot of sax and violins


 – Gone  Chopin. Be Bach in a minuet.

– A good composer never dies.  He just decomposes.

– Don’t like classical music?  You have my symphony.

– Did you see the conductor’s dog?  His Bach is worse than his bite.

– Don’t like how things are going ?  Drop your ideas in a suggestion Bachs.

Bach is so good for these, isn’t he?

Some well-known movies

– Rimsky Business

– The Empire Strikes Bach

– The Scarlatti Letter

– Telemann and Louise

Oh yeah – definitely in a silly mood!  If you know of others, by all means – leave them in the comments below!

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