Buskers: Paris, France

On our last day in Paris back in 2005, Mom and I were walking around the Left Bank before hopping back over the Seine for one last walk around the Notre Dame.  As we passed Eglise St. Séverin, we heard music – some really fun music!

This is Borsalino, the jazzy band we heard that day in Paris.  They played some fun music with a good beat that made you want to just tap your foot and stick around for a while, so we did.  They reminded me a bit of some of the music played in the movie Chocolat.  After buying one of their albums, A Little Taste of Paris, I understood why: Minor Swing, one of the songs they played and was also included on the film.

DSC00066I found a handful of tourist videos of Borsalino and include a couple here.  It looks like they have a rotation of musicians, but some are still the same.  On a happy note, one of their albums, Metropolitain, is available on iTunes now.  Like everyone else, they’re on Facebook, too.

Here are some pictures of Eglise St. Séverin where we heard them playing.  They were outside on the far corner, just across from the green awning in the lower left. Behind those buildings is the Seine River and then the Ile de la Cité where we were treated to more fun music – of another jazz band – which I’ll save for another day!


France has known no shortage of talented artisans.  Just look at some of the stained glass inside St. Séverin.  Amazing, isn’t it?



It’s been eight years since my last trip to Paris.  I miss it terribly!  I miss the beauty, the history, the culture, the people, the food…and I especially miss the music!

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