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Humor in Music: Gopher Tuna

Happy Friday, everyone!  I thought I’d start the weekend with a fair amount of goofiness!  This was sent to me by a friend of mine who knows I like classical music.  Admittedly I was both laughing and rolling my eyes the whole time I watched this!


And if you need a fix of the real thing by Carl Orff, try this one.

While looking for a good video of this, I read some of the comments folks had written in various places.  One person wrote, “This song makes me want to sword fight someone to the death.”

Personally, when I hear Carmina Burana, I always think of the big, epic, “save the damsel in distress from being sacrificed by the huge, yet unknown, underground cult in Victorian England” kind of scene.  Um. You’ll have to look up Young Sherlock Holmes for that reference.  It happens to also have the first-ever CGI creature/character!.

Carmina Burana is huge.  It’s epic.  It’s beautiful.  It’s scary. It’s really big.  It’s serious.  Well…

What do you think it is? 🙂

While you’re thinking about that, I hope you all have a great weekend!

 – Heather

One thought on “Humor in Music: Gopher Tuna

  1. It’s amazing. I never really knew the true words of this piece of music & now I do. Who says classical music doesn’t have a meaning in today’s world!

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