Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Columbus Announces New Concertmaster

After a year and a half of searching, Canadian violinist Jean-Sebastien Roy, has been named the new Concertmaster to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

This exciting announcement was made earlier today and ended speculation as to who was finally going to permanently take over the leadership role of Concertmaster.

From today’s CSO press release:

“Jean-Sébastien Roy is a remarkable musician that I have known and respected for many years,” stated CSO Music Director Jean-Marie Zeitouni. “I look forward to his leadership as we work together to make the 2013-14 season unforgettable.”

Hailing from Montreal, like our Music Director, Jean-Marie Zeitouni, Jean-Sebastien Roy is a very talented violinist who plays on a violin made by Carlo Antonio Testore in 1745 and a bow made in 1830 by Jacob Eury.  I read earlier that from 2006-2009, he was even lent the 1717 Windsor Weinstein Stradivarious.  Nice!

Roy has played all over the world and has a reputation as a top-notch soloist and chamber musician.  He has spent a lot of time in Europe and was even the guest Concertmaster at the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra – an ensemble I was fortunate enough to hear back when I studied in France at the Université de Strasbourg.

According to the article appearing in today’s Columbus Dispatch,

Roy will provide leadership within the violin section and represent the orchestra in central Ohio and beyond.

For my part, it will refreshing to put a public face on our orchestra, so I really do hope to see him out and about.  Of course, having also been recently appointed as concertmaster at the McGill Chamber Orchestra, I’m a bit worried about how much time he’ll actually spend in our fair city.  Like our Music Director, he’ll be splitting his time between two leadership roles: one here in Columbus and one in his hometown of Montreal, Canada.  We’ll just have to wait and see though.  Maybe he’ll fall in love with Columbus and decide to stay.  We do have a pretty awesome city!

Our new Concertmaster will play his first concert with us at the season opener on October 5th.  I’ll be able to see him perform the week after for some Rachmaninoff and Brahms.

Jean-Sebastien Roy Official Website

Columbus Symphony Orchestra Press Release

Columbus Dispatch Article

Update 02 Aug 2013: I’ve learned that he is actually going to move to Columbus – which is really great news!  HMB

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