Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Classical Music Heaven – WOW!

Yea!  I received my tickets!!

While I renewed my season tickets to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra in person last month, I didn’t receive my actual tickets until yesterday.  While ordering them, I was told that the brochures (or something) weren’t yet printed.  Who knows?  I just figured they were also possibly switching around some of the guest conductors to bring in Music Director candidates since Maestro Jean-Marie Zeitouni’s contract expires after this year. 😦

I received my 5 tickets (4-pack at the Ohio plus the season opener) yesterday along with a letter from Bill Conner (CEO – CAPA).  My friend who also bought a 4-pack of tickets with me this year should have received hers as well.  Yea!

Unfortunately, I have to exchange my season opener which is a bummer, but I didn’t realize when I bought it that it was the same weekend as the Bicentennial celebration back in New Albany, Indiana where I will be in a parade!  Well – my mom, at least, will be the grand marshal since we descend from the founders of New Albany (again – Indiana, not Ohio!).  I may yet be relegated to the sidelines!  HA!


Fortunately, I really can exchange the ticket – quite easily, in fact – which I will do in favor of the Mozart: Father and Son concert at the Southern.  I’m REALLY excited about that one – Rossini: Barber of Seville, W.A. Mozart Horn Concerto #3, Leopold Mozart Horn Concerto in D and Haydn’s “Surprise” Symphony – #94.  WOW!  It’s the same weekend as the annual International Festival at Vet’s Memorial where I’ll be working along with my Peace Corps group, so it’ll make for a long, albeit very fun, day!

Individual tickets for season ticket holders go on sale August 1 which is when I can get tickets for Lang Lang (WOW!) and  the Mozart and Schumann concert – also at the Southern.  I already have tickets to see Mozart’s Requiem in April.

I keep saying “wow,” but WOW!  All this Mozart is fantastic!  And Beethoven’s 5th?  And Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2 and… SO COOL!  I’m in classical music heaven.  LOVE IT!


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