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BRING OUT YOUR DEAD! Near the beginning of my favorite Monty Python movie, The Search for the Holy Grail, there’s a scene in which Eric Idle’s character pushes a cart through the village, ravaged by the plague, to collect the dead. “Bring Out Your Dead!” he says over and over while ringing a bell. John Cleese’s character is carrying an old man over his shoulder and tries to put him on the cart. The old man resists saying he’s not dead yet and eventually goes on to say… “I FEEL HAPPY!!  I FEEL HAPPY!!”

Sure he eventually gets whacked over the head and tossed onto the cart anyway, but for a fleeting moment, he was happy, right? (I’m thinking you probably have to be in a certain mood – a certain frame of mind – in order to truly appreciate this humor.)

As you know, my blog is called Giocosity. Yes, it’s a made up word, but since English is a living language, I’m using it anyway. I took it from the oft-used-in-music Italian word, giocoso, which means playful or humorous. Happy, even! Giocoso  is a fun adjective, so I’m just turning it into a fun noun: Giocosity.

Oh – just play along, would you?

OK – while I may not always have them rolling in the aisles, I do mean for my blog to be lighthearted and fun to read. Sure I touch on some serious topics, but nothing overly scandalous or depressing as that’s not what Giocosity is all about. (“No Comment” on the end of my Monty Python scene above. Ahem.)

To celebrate giocosity in general, I’m including a happy piece of music by the Quartetto Giocoso. At first I thought that I’d throw in some classical music, such as some Mozart. So here you go. Quartetto Giocoso – playing Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca

Then – I found another recording of a Quartetto Giocoso and to bring it all full circle, here’s a (not-so-great) recording of Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life! Um – I think it’s safe to say these are not the same Quartetto Giocoso!

Seriously – does it get any better than this?

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