Classical Music


Hello there!  Just a quick post to say hello and let you know I’m here! I plan to write about a wide variety of topics with regard to classical music.  Why?  Because I grew up playing the piano and clarinet and I credit Mozart, Beethoven, J.S. Bach, Clementi, Kuhlau and well – many others – with my continued existence.  My music and my piano were my healthy outlets growing up.  Well – thanks to Mom, too, but that’s another story!  Seriously though, Mom and Dad loved classical music and it was totally passed down to me.

I plan to talk about music, composers, musical ensembles, references to my crazy marching band days (YES – I can make the connection), festivals, travel venues, what it’s like inside an actual orchestra (which I’ll be learning as I write) and plenty of other things.  I’m sure Bugs Bunny and – if I’m lucky – Monty Python will make appearances as well.

So please – this is a blog, so I would love it if you were to leave comments.  It’s meant to be interactive and to get some great discussions going.  Where are you from?  What are your favorite composers?  What instruments do you play?  Do you write music yourself? Why do you buy tickets to the Symphony? What does having this incredible music available mean to you?

Anyway, let’s get the discussion going.  I look forward to delving in this wonderful world of music and also getting to know you.  And if you haven’t already, please take about 3 minutes to complete a super quick Arts Survey.

Until next time,

Take care!  Heather

P.S. Not really sure how I’ll swing Monty Python, but it’s a good goal to have.

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