Absinthe and Meringues

2013 is the 100th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s debut of his ballet Rite of Spring.  For that anniversary, our own Columbus Symphony Orchestra performed it in collaboration with the Ballet Met Columbus.  The music and dancing were both funky beyond belief, but the performance was really great – a lot of fun.  In celebration of this anniversary, everyone’s favorite ice cream shop, Jeni’s Ice Cream, created a special flavor just for this occasion: Absinthe and Meringues

Yesterday, during what was the first nice day in central Ohio in about 3 years, I stopped by Jeni’s Ice cream for some ice cream.  I was happy to see that Absinthe and Meringues was still available and not just a special flavor only for the concert-goers.

Here’s a lovely trio of Absinthe and Meringues, Guava Cloverton and my favorite, Wildberry Lavender.  The person who scooped it up for me said it made for a very pretty combination.  I agreed.  I probably should have taken the picture before I took a few bites, huh?  Oh well.  And yes – I did eat the whole thing with a sample spoon.  Can’t help it.  I’ve done that since I was a kid!

Getting back to Stravinsky though: Jeni’s ice cream not only created a great blog entry filled with some fun pictures showing the making of the new Absinthe and Meringues flavor, but also a fabulous video set to the music of the Rite of Spring.  It’s worth a watch!

Though it’s still available at all the Jeni’s shops, I’m not sure for how much longer it will be available as it’s not even seasonal.  It’s available for a “limited time only.”  I’m thinking that just means until they run out.  So quick – hurry out to your local Jeni’s and grab some of this!  Though a little funky at first, like the music for which it was made, you’ll end up thinking it’s quite delicious!

This is a picture of the front window of Jeni’s in Grandview while I was sitting outside yesterday enjoying my ice cream.  Yum.

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