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Hybrid Vigor: Part II

July 25 update: Click “Cool” at the bottom if you’ve pledged and then please share this post.  If you haven’t pledged, PLEASE DO SO!  Only 36+ HOURS LEFT.  It’s all or nothing!  THANK YOU!

Original Post:

In the last few weeks, I’ve met an awful lot of independent filmmakers online via Twitter.  While I don’t actually “know” a single one of them, they remind me an awful lot of knitters.  The indie film community is a lot like the knitting community.  They are all working their craft – trying to make a living doing that which they love.  They’re also really big on supporting each other – much like the knitters I know are.

The camaraderie is amazing.

I’ll be honest with you.  I have absolutely no experience at all in the film industry.  I don’t know actors.  I don’t know directors…or writers…or musicians…or anyone.  I can’t say that I have any connection to anyone doing anything with movies.

What I can say is that I used to live in Eastern Europe and I loved it!  It’s a beautiful and hospitable part of the world that for a long time has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of opportunities whether that be because of wars or cold war era oppression or dumb luck.  This is a big opportunity to let the world know about a tiny country in the Baltics called Latvia.

Won’t you please help them?

Only 4 days remain to fund this film.  Please visit their project page on Kickstarter to pitch in.  Hybrid Vigor is 100% independent.  With KickStarter, they only get their pledged donations if they reach 100% of the goal.  Hybrid Vigor is looking to raise $50,000.  If only $49,000 is pledged, they get nothing.

You can help.

You can help in a variety of ways, too.  A HUGE way is, of course, to donate via their project page link below.

Another HUGE way is to share their link – or this blogpost with links to their project page – via twitter or Facebook or email or whatever.  Sharing this post as much as you can will help reach a lot more people.  If even a couple of people can pledge to help fund this film for each time you share this post, then Hybrid Vigor will have a far better chance of reaching their goal of actually being seen inside movie theaters.  There are share links to Facebook and Twitter at the end of this post.

Please share?  Or if you can, please pitch in $10-20-30 to help them out.  I was able to pitch in a small pledge.  I hope you can, too.  Only 4 days left.  (Ends mid-day July 26) THANK YOU!

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