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Hybrid Vigor – Film

Welcome to all who visited from Twitter and thanks to @HybridVigorFilm for retweeting my site!!

Hybrid Vigor is an independent film being made in Eastern Europe – in the Baltics – Latvia, to be specific.  It’s working on raising money to cover the costs via Kick Starter.  Please support them if you can.  You know I like to support my local businesses, but having lived in Eastern Europe before (though much farther south, in Bulgaria) I like to support small business owners and the indie film scene there as well.

Here’s where you can learn more:

Ever been small?  Ever just start out and really appreciate that first person to lend you a hand by showing some faith in something that is as-yet unproven?  Baah Yarn did that for me.  Let’s help these folks out, too!

Gotta support the arts.  As the bulk of you, my readers, are fellow fiber enthusiasts, I know you understand the need to keep the arts going.


Moving this post over from my original blog post at Itinerant Knitter

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